Infrastructure roadmaps


Infrastructure roadmaps live here and are continuously updated by the lead-team. If you want to propose a roadmap update, fill follow the roadmap update protocol (under development).



Roadmap planning

  • Planning / Updating. The lead team is responsible for roadmap planning, requesting input and feedback, and keeping it up to date. The roadmap will define the main scientific and infrastructure aims, dependencies and priorities. Roadmaps will be reviewed periodically and updated to reflect any changes in plans and priorities.

  • Roadmap items. Roadmap should have a few key deliverables for each year (Jul 1 - Jun 30). Each item on the roadmap should come with a defined set of criteria for a minimum viable product or an equivalent “closure point” (for software, it may be when specifications are met, for a feasibility study when the objectives are met). Ongoing research projects may have open-ended questions, but a roadmap item should have a clear set of objectives/specifications and list of dependencies. Each roadmap item should also include stages of development with an estimated timeline, if it is possible to provide one.

  • Project plans. Each roadmap item will have a linked page with a more detailed project plans or specifications for software components. The main purpose of these pages is to capture as many decisions and background thinking as possible.